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With the YouMe app's smart technology & AI you get a personal digital coach that helps you take your relationship to new heights. Are you ready for the journey of your life?

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Why do we do as we do?

YouMe is so much more than apps.

With smart technology like artificial intelligence you get quickened accurate conclusions free of charge. Then programs for real change att much lower cost than whit any psychologist, therapist or coach. Anytime, anywhere. And it's free of charge. In the YouMe apps you learn more about:

Different personality types.
Yours and other's behavioral patterns.
How to get in contact whid a new partner
Why we do what we do.
How you develop a relationship.
How well you fit.
What really went wrong?
Concrete advice you can try directly.
Relationship techniques.
Warning signs.
How do you uncover a destructive partner?
How can you be free from a destructive relation?
Taking control over situations.
And much more...

A complete tool for personal development..

The YouMe app contains a number of techniques and methods that you can benefit from directly. The more you use the app, the smarter it gets. You get for example:

Fast and accurate analyses.
Personal coaching.
Concrete advice that you can try straight away.
New knowledge about your self and others.
Hypnosis & mindfulness.
Developing challenges.
Fun facts.
And much more...

"The analyses are so incredibly astute and I felt immediate recognition. To me it was an enlightening experience even the first time I tried the app. It hit the spot, it really works!"

Hanna 42, married, two kids