About Brain Space

Our apps are built on models from psychology and brain research in combination with artificial intelligence. Brain Space's apps create better relationships for a richer life.

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Brain Space story

We want to give everybody the possibility to understand their relationships, and tools to take them to the next level.

Brain Space was founded 2016 by behavioral scientist and management consultant Jan Sandgren. He was joined by the company leader Karin Annerwall Parö and the tech expert Håkan Djärv. After 30 years of developing people, companies and organizations Jan Sandgren realised that most problems have one thing in common - the relationships did not work as well as they could. It took many expensive consultant or therapist hours before one's relationship patterns were understood. But once these patterns were seen it was possible to change them. Relatively small changes gave large positive results for individuals as well as groups and large organisations. Less every day conflicts, increased understanding for differences and more balance at home and at work. The relations to colleagues, managers, co-workers, love partners, children and friends were improved and increased quality of life and job satisfaction.

Jan saw the positive development, but was still frustrated. It took too long time and cost too much money. The idea of Brain Space was born.

Can an app improve partner relationships?
YouMe, our first app, lets you understand your unique relationship patterns and provide customized tools and advice for your development. In the YouMe app you get to learn more about:

How to develop a relationship.
How well you fit.
What really went wrong?
Concrete advice you can try directly.