Understand your relationships.
Improve your relationships.

The best investment is in your self and your relations.

Personal development through an app?
Brain Space's apps contribute to personal development and problem solving. New insights and concrete tips for a richer life.
By your self or together with others.


Practical psychology in your mobile
Brain Space's apps are built on models from psychology and brain research in combination with artificial intelligence. The apps also has a foundation in psychoanalytic theory and practice, cognitive behavioral therapy, modern hypnotherapy, humanistic psychology and positive psychology. C Janson, P Wattzlawic, E Rossi and others have provided studies on deeper behavioral change and measurements of psychology, psychometrics.

Years of research on relationships by John Gottman, Robert Levenson, Harville Hendrix, Helen Fisher and Gary Chapman are also used in the apps. The platform builds on practical experience of work with personal development and behavioral change from different behavioral styles describes in models such as the Behavioral Guide, DiSC, Discower, Discus, Big five, Myers Briggs and research by R J Watson, R Zakrison, Merril o Taylor, McCrae and research about the brain by D Kahneman and A Damasio.